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Weighing Scale

Weighing Scale

(ZG-AM10) Multi-Head Combination Weigher

(ZG-AM10) Multi-Head Combination Weigher

Amplitude can be adjusted freely and individually in running status, more friendly HMI.  Multi-language operating interface. Mouse, USB and SD card compatible with touch screen.Instant display of the weigh hopper

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(ZG-AM10) Multi-Head Combination Weigher 

(ZG-AM10) Multi-Head Combination Weigher

1.Main Features:

* Amplitude can be adjusted freely and individually in running status, more friendly HMI.  

* Multi-language operating interface.

* Mouse, USB and SD card compatible with touch screen.

* Instant display of the weigh hopper


2. Special Features:

* Modular electronic system makes maintenance easier and at lowest cost

* AD card are inter-changeable ,easy to be replaced 

* Different authority managements, more user- friendly

* HMI can be upgraded by U disk

* Innovative Siemens PLC control system applied in the weigher and it makes machine more stable and low fault rate. Program update is much easier.

(This technology has been granted patents. The patents number is: ZL 201020115548.8)

* Application software can be upgraded by memory card.

* Ethernet is available




TY-P10L 2.5L

Max. Cap.(g)


Weighing Accuracy


Weighing speed


Hopper Capacity


Control system


Operation Panel

7 inch touch screen

Power Supply

AC220V ±10%, 50Hz(60Hz)

Packing Dimension (mm)


Gross Weight


Optional Devices

Dimple plate/Timing dipper/ Diverter device/10 inch touch screen/Teflon paint


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IPv6 network supported

IPv6 network supported


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