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Hefei Zengran Intelligent Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., is wholly-owned subsidiary of Hefei Taihe Intelligent Technology Group Co., Ltd. (main board A share code: 603656) established in November 2019.We are one of the largest packaging machine manufacturers.  Now we build up our domestic "packaging machine& weighing machine" manufacturing base.Our company is especially in packaging equipment developing, production and sale .  Currently we have a number of scientific and technological achievements .We are us advanced intelligent packaging technology to create high efficiency enterprise &offer best after service . 

  • Company establishment 1995

    Company establishment

  • Factory area (m²) 450000

    Factory area (m²)

  • Have employees 800

    Have employees

Why Choose Us
Main product

Zengran Packaging is one of the largest packaging equipment manufacturers in the world. Our wide product portfolio includes VFFS bagging machines, open-mouth bag packing machines, Rotary pick-fill-seal packing machine, case packers, Robotic palletizers, conveyors, etc.       

Secondary Packaging Machine
Automatic secondary packaging machine for PP woven master bag

Zengran Packaging had launched the fully automatic secondary packaging machine 10 years ago for the World's Top 500 daily chemical giant Procter & Gamble, which can efficiently organize the smaller PE bags into a larger PP woven bag.   The 2020 epidemic witnessed explosive growth in the demand for packaging automation. More and more custom1

Secondary Packaging Machine
Secondary Packaging Machine Unit For Food and Chemicals

Secondary Packaging Units Are Commonly Used In The Food Industry (e.g. Salt, flour, Animal Feed) And The Chemical Industry (Cement, Chemical Raw Materials), Etc. Automated mechanical operation saves manpower and guarantees the hygiene and safety of food. We Have Provided Technical Support And Service Solutions For Many Food and Chemicals Leading Co1

Vertical packing machine with multiheads weigher
VFFS5000D Bagging Machine With Multihead Weigher

It Is Suitable For Weighing And Packing Leisure Foods Such As Candy, Seeds, Jelly, Pet Foods, Puffy Foods, Pistachio, Peanuts, Nuts, Raisins Etc. And Big Shell Nuts, Hardwares, Dried Fruits, Frozen Foods, Snack Foods, Meatballs And So On

open mouth bag filler manufacturer
GFCK-F open mouth bag filler

GFCK-F is Zengran’s patented open mouth bag filler for powder packaging bottom-up filling system, suitable for fine powder above 150 mesh.The special filling system can effectively prevent dust, and also suitable for fine powder with stickiness. Can increase the pumping mechanism

open mouth bag filler supplier
GFCK-X open mouth bag filler

GFCK-X is Zengran’s industry leading product which is specially designed for ultra-fine powder above 1000mesh weighing and filling into PE premade bags. The filling and sealing system integrated with 3 stations, the first station is weighing and pre air-releasing, the second station is decent air-releasing by vacuum filter sticks, the third station1

open mouth bag filler
GFCK-M3 Automatic Open-mouth Bagging Machine

GFCK-M3 Equipped with vertical auger filler and dust-free product feeding and filling system, it is widely applied for the automatic packaging of powdery materials with strong viscosity, large dust fine powder, such as tapoica starch, whey protein powder, non-dairy creamer powder and agrochemical products, etc.

open mouth bag filler
GFCK-M2 Automatic Open-mouth Bagging Machine

GFCK-M2 Horizontal spiral bag clamping weighing and filling machine, suitable for strong viscosity and high dust powder product, load cell is located on the bag clamping device.

open mouth bag filler
Automatic open mouth bag filler for puffy powder materials

GFCK-M1 Horizontal screw feeder with weighing hopper, suitable for those powdery product partical size below 150 mesh, those non-stick powder with good fluidity and little dust, such as wheat flour, milk powder, ground coffee powder, powdery aqua feed, etc.

Cooperation Cases

After more than 20 years of development, the Zengran trademark has become a well-known trademark in China. The Zengran brand packaging machinery equipment has won the favor of the world's top 500 companies and well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as: Unilever, P&G, CP Group, COFCO Group, Sinopec, Sanquan Food, Fengle Seed Industry and other domestic and foreign companies, our machine sell well in Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other countries in the world.            

Industry Application

we supply good quality of mosaic tile in competive price !

  • Sugar
  • Pet Food
    Pet Food
  • Chemical
  • Wheat flour
    Wheat flour
  • Animal feed
    Animal feed
  • Snack foods
    Snack foods
  • Salt
  • Seeds

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