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Good news for winning bid | Yuan Longping's smart agriculture and Hefei Zengran Intelligent packaging

Good news for winning bid | Yuan Longping's smart agriculture and Hefei Zengran Intelligent packaging

  • 2020-07-25

---In 2020, Hefei Zengran won the bid for Longping High-tech RMB 5million(around USD810,000) project

A person who changes the world with seeds: Yuan Longping

An enterprise that starts the era of intelligent packaging with intelligent packaging machine: Zengran Packaging

Aspiring and wise people gather together to jointly promote the intelligent development of China's seed industry with the tacit understanding of heroes.


In July 2020, Hefei Zengran successfully won the bid for the equipment procurement project of Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd., with a total bid winning amount of RMB5.674 million(around USD810,000), including vertical packaging machine, secondary packaging production line, palletizing machinery and equipment, winding machine, etc. The equipment is mainly used for the production and processing of Longping High-tech Yiyang Seed Industrial Park.


The Longping Hi-Tech Yiyang Seed Industrial Park has a total construction area of 56535.35 square meters. It is the Longping Hi-Tech rice seed processing, storage and logistics Center. It aims to achieve green, environmental protection, energy saving and practical integration, and build an internationally advanced and highly intelligent modern rice seed processing and logistics industrial park.


Yuan Longping made the world believe in the power of China!

Hefei Zengran made Yuan Longping believe in the power of intelligent packaging!

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Media for bid winning announcement:

Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd. (http://www.lpht.com.cn/)

China Public Service for Bidding (http://www.cebpubservice.com/)


Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd.


Under the guidance of Academician Yuan Longping's spirit of "benefiting the people of the world", Longping Hi-Tech insists on serving the society as the fundamental cornerstone of the enterprise ‘s long-term development, making profits for farmers and benefiting eaters. Since its establishment, Longping Hi-Tech has made great efforts to provide farmers with high-quality, high-yielding seeds and all-round agricultural services, so as to promote grain production and increase farmers’ income; the company strives to promote hybrid rice technology to the world, help other countries develop agriculture production with China’s modern agricultural technology and contribute to safeguarding world food security.


Hefei Zengran Intelligent Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to building a large-scale domestic "packaging machinery, weighing machinery" manufacturing base, a technology-based enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of automated measurement and packaging equipment, with strong capital and human resources.



Hefei Zengran deeply cultivates the packaging industry, integrates and develops advanced intelligent packaging technology, and manufactures intelligent packaging equipment. The existing intelligent heavy bag packaging machine, powder filling machine, secondary packaging machine, vertical packaging machine and other products promote the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China.

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