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Integrated Packaging Solutions

Integrated Packaging Solutions

Robotic Palletizing Line

Robotic Palletizing Line

Automatic pallet feeding system is an integral part in automatic packaging solution, the pallet bank can hold 15 empty pallets, when pallet in less than 2 (lack of tray photoelectric switch to OFF), or three chock a crib for the disk (buttress plate conveying three photoelectric switch 2, 3, 4 are ON), sound and light alarm HA issued "chock full/empty pallet bin" alarm signal.All operations of the empty pallet from the pallet bin to the appropriate location of the palletizer are automated.

  • Max speed:

    ≥800 bags/hour
  • Bag size:

Products Details

Robotic palletizing system

 Climbing conveyor

Function: transfer material from low to suitable height for pelleting.

Technical data:


Belt conveyor(White PVC)





Power supply

AC380V±10% 50Hz±0.5 1.5kw  

 Gripping conveyor

Function: Robotic Palletizing Line is used to position the packing bag accurately, which is convenient for palletizing robot to grab and palletizing.

Technical data:




≥800 bags/hour



Power supply

AC380V±10% 50Hz±0.5 0.75kw

3.11 KUKA  Palletizing Robot

Palletizing Robot

KR 180   R3200 PA



No of axles


Repeated accuracy

±0,08 mm





Working radius


Robot level of protection




Robot wrist level of protection


Operating temperature


Installation method


Joint 1


Joint 1 speed


Joint 2


Joint 2 speed


Joint 3


Joint 3 speed


Joint 5

Joint 5 speed

Joint 6


Joint 6 speed



Even-level floor plan odd-level floor plan

Palletizing robot

1) equipment features

Structural features

-Reasonable mechanical structure and compact design

-All axles with band-type brake

-Particular load and movement inertia design make the speed and the motion characteristics to the optimization.

-The additional load of the arm have no motion restrictions on rated load

-The modular design of the mechanical structure can replace any parts in a short time

-High precision electronic zero calibration, anyone at anytime do the zero calibration was same, no need to recalibrate the program to enter production status after calibration.

-Adjustable mechanical arm, have more space and flexibility. The interval between accident might be 75000hours which is unmatched by other robots.

3.12 Automatic pallet feeding system

Automatic pallet feeding system

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IPv6 network supported


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