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VFFS Bagging Machine

VFFS Bagging Machine

VFFS Liquid Bagging Machine with Piston Filler

VFFS Liquid Bagging Machine with Piston Filler

This VFFS bagging machine with piston filler system is widely applicated in automatically bagging of viscous liquid, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, edible oil, chili sauce, cream, butter, jam, honey, shampoo etc.

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    Max roll film width 1100mm
Products Details

The complete system include:

  • Lifting pump and pipelines
  • Piston filler
  • VFFS bagging machine
  • Output conveyor


  • Imported PLC and HMI control system, full Chinese/English touch screen operating system, clear display of the working status and instructions.
  • High precision servo film pulling system, smooth movement of film, with eyemark sensor as well as encoder automatic positioning and tracking system, accurate cutting of bag length.
  • Intelligent digital temperature control system, temperature controlled stably, with teeth-shaped sealer ensure the sealing integrity.
  • Automatic fault alarm display function, help solving problems immediately. Machine will automatically alarm or shutdown when sealing temperature drop, film run out, no ribbon, no material, servo failure, no film tracking signal, protection door opened, etc.
  • Integrated functions of all packaging process including automatically code printing, weighing, filling, bagging, cutting and counting. Gusset bag, linked bag, punching bag, dust collector, electrostatic eliminating device for optional.


Optional auxiliary equipment:

  • Check weigher
  • Metal detector
  • Rotary table

Technical parameter:





Bag size







Film width




Film thickness




Packing speed




Air consumption

0.65Mpa, 0.4/min

0.65Mpa, 0.4/min

0.65Mpa, 0.6/min

Power supply












Machine weight




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IPv6 network supported


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