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Ton Bag Filling Machine

Ton Bag Filling Machine

Ton bag packaging machine for large bulk cement sack bag filling machine

Ton bag packaging machine for large bulk cement sack bag filling machine

CJD1000K automatic quantitative packaging machine is designed for centralized ton-bag packaging of powdery and granular materials with relative good flowability, it adopts rotary valve feeding, gross weight metering, can realize such functions as manual bagging, hanging tape suspension, automatic bag clamping, automatic material feeding, automatic weighing, automatic bag release, heavy bag conveying, etc. It features compact structure, simple and convenient operation, convenient handling, and high reliability.

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Products Details

Ton bag packaging machine for large bulk cement sack bag filling machine


Ton bag packaging machine for large bulk cement sack bag filling machine

Machine Features :

1, The weighing system of CJD1000K quantification Ton packaging machinery contains high accuracy(0.02%) sensor and high resolution controller, to keep the machine with high accuracy and stable performance.

2, The material feeding parts adopt two kinds(big one and small one) valves to control the three kinds feeding: fast, slow and exactness.

3, The packing range is 500-2000kg adjustable. It suitable to big bags packing.

4, The parameter setting and the weighing calibration is very simple and with convenient operation.

Application material

Ton bag packaging machine application

Main function and paramete



Applicable Packing:

Ton bags.

Material range:


Packing speed:

feeding ON to OFF, 4-6 tons/H


static accuracy 0.1%FA.OIMLⅢ grade,  dynamic accuracy 0.3%

Air supply:

0.4-0.6 Mpa, 2 M3/H

Power supply:





dimension(LxWxH): 5200x1800x3500

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