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Metering Equipments

Metering Equipments

(ZG-AM14) Multi-Head Combination Weigher

(ZG-AM14) Multi-Head Combination Weigher

It is suitable for weighing big granule products, beans, nuts, fruits, vegetable and salad with large target weight or volume.

  • Max speed:

    70 WPM
  • Bag size:

    Bag with 10-1000g
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14 head linear weigher is suitable for weighing big granule products, beans, nuts, fruits, vegetable and salad with large target weight or volume. 


*High accuracy and high speed modes can be selected;

*Rotary and vibration Top Cone can be selected.

*The single linear feeder amplitude can be auto/manual adjusted will ensure the products easy-flowing with high accuracy;

* Multilanguage control panel, Spanish, Korea, German, French and Arabic, etc.

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